1. General information
MB “PIANOLITA” provides transportation and transportation services. Address: Laisvės ave. 78B-157, LT-05263 Vilnius, company code is 305734093, e-mail is,, tel. is +370 600 09990, +370 679 53327, checking account: LT817300010167449310, bank: AB Swedbank, business hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 – 17:00.


2. Collected information
By default, there are the following system information being collected: your IP address, date and time of the request, address of the reference, software and hardware used. You are asked to fill out the boxes in certain pages and provide the following information: your name, surname, e-mail and telephone number.


3. Methods of collection of information
While visiting the webpage, the browser used in your device automatically downloads certain data which are to be recorded into the logbook of the system: IP address, date and time of the request, address of the reference and software and hardware used. For your convenience, in order not to send information by e-mail, you just have to fill out the minimal contact form. The field of e-mail is obligatory. Upon checking, whether it is real and receiving the positive answer, the message is being sent to us. Your information is not being saved in the contact form. In order to protect against spam, we collect information, visible upon the post of the entry in the comment form of the website, as well as the IP address of the visitor and the user entry of the browser.


4. Period of the preservation of information
Systemic data shall be preserved in the local media for one year. Back-ups shall be periodically made which are preserved for 1 year.


5. Preservation measures of the information
We preserve the information contained in the servers by periodic back-ups and we preserve them in the server of information archive. In order to achieve safety of the information, there are back-ups of information archive to be made, which are transferred into another data-filing system in another data centre.


6. Disseminated information regarding data of the subject being processed
Information about the data of the subject shall neither be provided nor accessible in any way to the third parties.


7. Rights of the data subjects
The data subject, whose information is being processed in the activity of the data manager, has the following rights:

  • To know about the management of own information;
  • To get acquainted with own information and how it is to be managed;
  • Submit the application to amend, delete or supplement incomprehensive information;
  • The application regarding the management of the personal information may be submitted by the subject to the manager by e-mail:,


8. Usage of the cookies
The majority of browsers are set in a way, so they could automatically accept the cookies. We use the cookies to the minimum, to your convenience only. You may review in your browser, which cookies are to be saved.

  • „Google Chrome“ –
  • „Firefox“ –
  • „Internet Explorer“ –
  • „Safari“ –


Cookies used by us:

  • PHPSESSID is standard cookie, used to the initiation of the user session;
  • __cfduid – CloudFlare is the protection cookie, applicable for the identification of the separate customers and apply the safety provisions for each customer;
  • _ga – statistics cookie, sets goals for user visit;
  • _gat – statistics cookie, used to manage queries;
  • _gid – statistics cookie, user for consumers;


9. Provision of references in the website
MB “PIANOLITA” does not take the responsibility for the references provided by the websites of the third parties, including social websites, contents of information, their activity and settings of their privacy policies.